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I like snails the best.

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"he’s your dad so you have to love him"

wrong. him being my dad does not give him a free pass to be a fuckhead to me 24/7 for no goddamn reason and i do not owe love to someone who verbally abuses me almost daily and throws my possessions on the ground like trash so he can steal shit from my room

he’s dead to me lmao

in this pic: the shitty thing my dad did to me today
he took half my furniture out my room— stuff that has been mine for years and has been in my room for longer than I could remember and threw everything out of it; my books, my games, memorabilia, yearbooks, glass figurines, art projects, and threw them on my floor like garbage. i have nowhere to put them. this isn’t even half of the mess he made. i can’t even open my door and i can’t find the fishtank I had sitting on top of the shelf he took.
i wasn’t home when he did this. when I asked him to please put my furniture back he told me it wasn’t “my fucking furniture” and to “stop acting like a fucking bitch”. I need a new place to live.

video game challenge: [1/5] pairings
 bigby + snow


*boss ass bitch in the background*


(my body materializes out of the darkness) fuck that was sick. did I look cool dont lie dude.


*hears footsteps* *closes 12 tabs and goes to facebook*

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